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To provide an enjoyable, development-based, family environment to players, parents and coaches.


Philosophies Guidebook

Fundamentally, soccer became the world’s most popular sport for two reasons: people want to play it because it is enjoyable to play, and people want to watch it because it is enjoyable to watch. The game should be enjoyable to play, and it should be enjoyable to watch. If the game fails either one of these benchmarks, then there is a problem. If it fails at both then it is not true soccer. The game should be honored in the way it is played. 

Create, promote, and honor QUALITY & COMMUNITY

QUALITY: Respect for Player Development, and Respect for Parent Investment 

Respect for Player Development (See “Player Development” section for more details)
Creating an environment where working hard and improving is what is enjoyable
Professionally structured programs
Quality instruction from qualified coaches
Coaches that are demanding, honest, and caring
Promoting player values of selflessness, hard work, and intelligent decision making

Respect for Parent Investment
Acknowledgement that parents are customers who have paid for a product, and therefore have a right to be respected
A willingness to listen when there is a question or concern
Honest, thorough, and timely communication
Education on what we are doing and why we are doing
Setting clear boundaries and expectations

COMMUNITY: A Club Run for the Community, by the Community, & Fully Engaged in the Community.
We believe in town parades, free school clinics, special needs classes, sponsoring adult teams, hosting parent-coaches’ games, and club cook-outs.
We believe “boutique is better.” We believe in the Farmer’s Market over Wal Mart.

We use the following, in order, to make all our decisions:
Conscience – what is best for the player
Customers – what is best / what is owed to you, the parents, who have paid for a service
Club – what we need to do as a business to survive, strengthen and grow.

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