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Continuing from our original, popular and productive "Junior Programs," CSC Soccer School is designed to be both enjoyable and educational:
two concepts that we believe are absolutely not mutually exclusive. Indeed; it is, and has always been, a core foundation that CSC believe
young children, just like the rest of us, enjoy improving themselves by way of developmentally appropriate challenges. We take great care to assure
the systems in place are both properly designed and executed.

Soccer School operates on 8-week long seasons: spring season March – May; fall season September – November.

Soccer School incorporates appropriate SMALL-SIDED PLAY. This improves time-on-task (interaction with the ball,) as fewer people on the field results in more touches per player. This is opposed to inappropriately large numbers of kids on the field resulting in some players never touching the ball.
Play is 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 depending on various circumstances. 

Soccer School does NOT form teams, for the following reasons:
1.  To emphasize a focus on the individual player and their individual development. This is opposed to making the focus about a team, which translates to a focus on results. Keeping standings by means of team wins as losses is irrelevant to development at this stage.
2.  No teams mean no need for substitutes This improves time-on-task (interaction with the ball,) as everyone is involved all the time. This is opposed to having set teams’ large rosters where 50% of the kids sit out 50% of the time.
3.  Free movement of players every game guarantees the appropriate challenge-to-success ratio. We can change teams around each week, and each session, to compensate for strong/weak players or performances. This is opposed to set teams, where kids can be either largely unchallenged, or experience little success. Kids need to be challenged to improve, but also experience successes to keep accepting challenges.

Soccer School u
ses appropriately sized fields to achieve the appropriate challenge-to-success ratio.
Players need enough space to be successful with whatever they are attempting while feeling the adequate amount of pressure. Too much on a huge field means there is no challenge, and too little space on a tiny field means there is no hope. This is opposed to fields that are too small, which are a jumbled mess of kids falling on top of one another, or fields that are too large and result in an athletic contest with little to do with soccer.

Soccer School uses 
a professionally designed curriculum and 100% professionally supervised practices.

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